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A custom rocking chair...just what you've been looking for!

“My hope is that in 200 years someone in your family will feel the same way I feel about our 200 year old Family Rocking Chair, because you took the time to appreciate and leave a “meaningful legacy that rocks!”

Key Aspects of Your Family Rocking Chair


You choose the hardwoods


It is all about the grain!


Hand-made one at a time


Custom fit to your family

About Us

As a family, we have an enormous amount of respect and reverence for the past. Each room in our house has an heirloom that is cherished. Each piece represents our family story and allows connections to our past. It guarantees continuity of that lore into the future. That comforts me as I am getting a few more grey hairs. What do you want for your family? Our handiwork is not a mass produced chair just sitting alone and ignored in your residence or vacation home. If that is what you are looking for, we are not a good fit. These rocking chairs are made and nurtured lovingly, one at a time, much like a person. We trust that this chair will become part of your family - Your Family Rocking Chair

Meet the Folks

Jim Annis

My name is Jim Annis, and I am the owner of Your Family Rocking Chair. In my corporate life as a CEO, one of my underlying goals has always been to create a legacy. Now I am building a legacy for my family -and yours - based on our common values.

Latest News

We're innovators. We're makers. Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods:

Hailey seat side view

Chairs, Handiwork

My Latest Creation

Posted By admin

She is “blonde.” She is tough…but with smooth edges. She lights up a room. She is life. She is part of my legacy.
I would like to introduce you to Hailey. She is the newest member of our rocking chair family.
It is no coincidence

Yacuk group


Golf and Chairmaking

Posted By admin

I have several passions in life. Among them are rocking chair making and golf. I am a certified (if not certifiable  ) custom, heirloom rocking chair maker. I am a decent golfer, a mid-to high single digit golfer who has had a couple of even-par

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