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About Us

About Us

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You have found what you have been looking for. A personalized, custom rocking chair that is comfortable, creatively inspired, technically engineered with precision and created with an appreciation for the natural strength, sense of permanence and beauty of wood.

We are Master Rocking Chair Makers that have a passion for the art of woodworking. We are intoxicated with the details. The warmth of the wood. The welcoming shapes. The comfort of the fit, specifically designed for your proportions. Your Family Rocking Chair is master crafted from a technical standpoint, and, when paired with their aesthetics, they are truly considered works of art. In everything we do, we’re creating and leaving a meaningful legacy that ROCKS!

RCM Certificate


My name is Jim Annis, and I am the owner of Your Family Rocking Chair. In my corporate life as a CEO, one of my underlying goals has always been to create a legacy. Now I am building a legacy for my family -and yours – based on our common values.

As a family, we have an enormous amount of respect and reverence for the past. Each room in our house has an heirloom that is cherished. Each piece represents our family story and allows connections to our past. It guarantees continuity of that lore into the future. That comforts me as I am getting a few more grey hairs. What do you want for your family? Our handiwork is not a mass produced chair just sitting alone and ignored in your residence or vacation home. If that is what you are looking for, we are not a good fit.

These rocking chairs are made and nurtured lovingly, one at a time, much like a person.

These rocking chairs are personalized, as the underside of the seat can be engraved with a person’s name, an event (Born, Married, Retired, etc.) and  a date.  We can even engrave a company logo or a state logo OR a family crest, to advance the heirloom quality of this chair for generations to come.

These rocking chairs come with a Book of Provenance which includes an embossed Certificate of Authenticity, pictures of the custom building of the chair and maintenance information.

We trust that this chair will become part of your family – Your Family Rocking Chair


Our Family Rocking Chair’s “Cousin’s”

We appreciate heirloom furniture and the role it plays in our family history. Here are some additional pieces that we have in our home. Enjoy!

Sideboard built in 1900
Sideboard built in 1900


My wife Gini's mom's hope chest built in 1940
My wife Gini’s mom’s hope chest built in 1940


My wife Gini's father's dental cabinet crafted in 1914
My wife Gini’s father’s dental cabinet crafted in 1914


Table that came around Cape Horn in the 1860s
Table that came around Cape Horn in the 1860s


Table built by my paternal grandmother's father in 1880
Table built by my paternal grandmother’s father in 1880

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