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Thought: Embracing Solace in Your Rocking Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

While you sit in a rocking chair, there is a refreshing air of positivity and freshness in your thoughts. The peaceful thought of an occasion or a proud moment of any victory, Your Family Rocking Chair offers you with the best wood-work to exemplify your heirloom. We share the essence of the same vibe as your home shares as its legacy.

Creating a “Thought” rocking chair is our passion wherein we consider your needs and personify them in the blended texture of wood.

The thought is any mental activity that shares your subjective conscience with your past or the near future. Bridging the intellectual gap between your traditions with the idea that carries your legacy is our ultimate objective. We proudly pass on your legacy over our art in the making of our rocking chair.


How can you share a positive thought?

  • The wood art not only soothes your eyes but also extends a positive aura that enables for good mental health.
  • Our rocking chairs have proved beneficial for people who have dementia. It helps to fight depression and anxiety that allows you to lead a stress-free life.
  • It enhances your optimism in thoughts to a great extent owing to the texture and art of the created legacy.
  • Rocking on a rocking chair stimulates for a proper momentum of your body that keeps your exercise routine updated.
  • The way you think is greatly influenced by the way you relax. Our rocking chair helps to improve your psyche and increases the endorphins in your brain that cater to good mental health.
  • Thoughts in your mind are free when you feel the freshness and stress-free improvisation while relaxing. Our rocking chair helps relieve the stress and any chronic fluctuations regarding your health. Thus, enabling you to enjoy your rocking chair in a contented environment.

The final word

As soon as you select us to create an heirloom for your family, you would experience the making of something as unique as your legacy. Along with the fact that your rocking chairs get crafted precisely, there is no compromise in the quality of the wood. We ensure our art carries the essence of togetherness that you share with your ancestors.

While you sit back in contentment and relax in your custom made rocking chair, let the freshness of a new tomorrow get engraved in the wood that exemplifies its legacy for your future generations.

Let your thoughts rush over your conscience with an unmatched energy that gets scribbled over your memory just as it was personified.

Please contact Your Family Rocking Chair now, to design customized rocking chairs as your legacy. Feel free to speak to us on 775-848-8760 or write to us on jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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Satisfaction: Experiencing a Sublimed Feeling While Rocking in a Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

With a nurtured hope that someone in your hierarchy will feel the same way you feel about your rocking chair is a satisfied and treasured experience. Rocking in a rocking chair and remembering the beautiful shades of happiness and togetherness develops a natural feeling of satisfaction in your conscience. Trust Your Family Rocking chair to transform your imaginations as a legacy of your family into an iconic artwork engraved with numerous shadows of your tradition.

Just like gifting a rocking chair to the eldest member of your family on a special occasion is priceless; watching them sitting over them and relaxing in comfort is an emotion that carries a single emotion and rendering you with the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Feeling satisfied is an emotion that gets its glaze with our artwork and passion for inculcating and elucidating the tiniest details to design your heirloom. Let us explore what can be the implication of satisfaction in different aspects of your lives.


How we ensure satisfaction in every glance of our rocking chair?

  • Our rocking chairs are designed in such a manner that purifies your Psyche and thus renders you with a feeling of satisfaction with happiness.
  • The woodwork and the texture engrave the essence of your tradition and culture that once splashed its existence thousands of years ago. Feeling the same legacy in our rocking chairs promises you to be satisfied in heart.
  • Our custom made, personalized rocking chairs allow you to capture the style, elegance, comfort, and flexibility of those times when you played with your grandparents.
  • Being a testimonial for all the special occasions of your family for years, our rocking chair captures the emotion of your loved ones to ensure your satisfaction now.
  • Rocking on a rocking chair distresses the mind, soothes your body and calms your spirit. It affects the psychological well-being in an optimized way. Thus ensuring a satisfied conscience.
  • We blend our art not just for pleasing home decoration but also to surmount it with a legacy that caters to your future generations. The feeling that you experience while you leave a legacy for your loved-ones reflects a satisfaction on its core.
  • Rest in our affluent designs of your “now customizations” to a “then tradition” that would sink in for the next 200 years. We ensure your heirloom to be carved over the best quality wood to transform our art into your legacy.

The Bottom Line

Having a rocking chair would ensure you live a life that traces its essence from thousands of years ago. Rendering you with the core objective of satisfaction is engraved with every piece of our artwork. Trust us to leave a legacy for your future generations with a blend of functionality and satisfaction in its approach.

Please contact Your Family Rocking Chair to design your rocking chair.

Feel free to speak to us on 775-848-8760 or write to us on jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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custom rocking chair


Relax on Custom Made Rocking Chairs

Posted By Jim Annis

For the last couple of years, there is a huge demand for pre-designed furniture. There are many people who are looking for aesthetically pleasing rocking chairs for relaxation. A uniquely designed rocking chair speaks a lot about the interiors of your home. The custom made rocking chairs can be personalized for people who love classic themes or interested in bringing a relaxing feel all around.

custom rocking chair

All about tailor-made Rocking Chairs

The rocking chairs are one of the highly demanded and the most beautiful piece of indoor furniture and decor. The main reason is why they are in trend is a unique and flawless design. The warm wooden textures and sleek ergonomic design blend effortlessly with the interiors of your home.

It is especially beneficial for old age people who love rocking on the chair for a long time. Also, rocking on these chairs helps you to eliminate dementia and other age-related psychological disorders.

Reasons To Use Custom Made Rocking Chairs.

 There are various reasons to buy a custom rocking chairSome of them are mentioned below:

(1.) Uniqueness

The rocking chair is a unique addition to your home or the office. The rocking chairs are customized as per the specifications, which makes it unique. The buyers can customize the chair as per the preferred length, width, etc.

(2.) Quality of the materials

The creative and expert designers use the best quality materials for rocking chairs. They pay attention to every detail. All chairs are made from the best quality woods which come from the same tree. While polishing, they maintain the consistency of colors. With increasing production and limited time, the quality of the materials often gets compromised. But in the case of customized rocking chairs, the piece of furniture will have a hundred percent stylish look.

(3.) Durability

The rocking chairs are designed with the best materials to ensure longevity. As an entire chair is designed with a single wood, it brings consistency to the quality of the rocking chairs. They are uniquely robust and strong enough to carry the family traditions generations after generations.

(4.) Personalization

One can engrave the names, date of birth along with unique detailing. The rocking chair comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as the pictorial representation of how the chair is designed and built.

The Bottom Line

The buyer can choose the type of rocking chair that best fits your requirements. The members of the family can leave a meaningful legacy to cherish and remember forever.

Visit the website www.yourfamilyrockingchair.com to place the orders.

Place order for a customize rocking chair by calling at 775-848-8760. Send an email to jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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rocking chair


Purify Your Psyche with Custom Made Rocking Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

A rocking chair is an amazing piece of furniture for your home. With the addition of a rocking chair, it improves the look and feels of your home to blend perfectly with the interiors. Either you place it in the corridor or living room; it grabs the attention of the guests. The feel of warm wood and the incredible finishing gives a sense of peace to the psyche of the buyers.

The design of a rocking chair has evolved with time. The rocking chairs have established themselves as a symbol to keep the legacy alive for the coming generations. The designers have revolutionized the chairs with a perfect combination of luxury and affluence. The custom made rocking chairs allow you to add style, comfort, along with flexibility.

custom made rocking chair

Why are Rocking Chairs in Demand Today?

The interior of the home seems incomplete without rocking chairs no matter either you are looking for a contemporary design or you want something traditional. As rocking chair blends easily with the interiors of your home, it makes it ideal furniture due to the below-mentioned reasons:-

(1.) The wooden texture

(2.) Finishing

(3.) Comfort and luxury

(4.) Tone

(5.) Uniquely designed

(6.) Attention to detailing

What are the Health Benefits of Rocking Chair?

(1.) Rocking chairs are best for people who are suffering from dementia. It helps to fight anxiety and depression. The rocking chair helps to decrease the level of stress in the body.

(2.) As rocking is relaxing, it helps to improve your psyche as well as increases the endorphins in the brain and keeps you mentally active.

(3.) The use of a rocking chair helps to increase the circulation of blood in the body by sending more amount of oxygen to the blood. It also helps to build strength and flexibility in the knees.

(4.)  Rocking on the chair is a perfect exercise to stimulate and to maintain the momentum of the body. It is helpful for the elderly who are not capable of doing other forms of exercise.

(5.) It is also for patients who have Alzheimer’s disease. With rocking, there were significant improvements in pain, depression, and anxiety. The improvements were according to the amount of rocking.

(6.) When rocking on the chair is combined with some physical exercise, it helps to relieve chronic back pain partially because of relaxation but also due to the flexibility and strength that rocking brings to back muscles.

The Bottom Lines

Having a rocking chair will help you enjoy a healthy psyche with a peaceful life. On the other side, it is also best for transforming the interiors of your home to impress the guests as well as carry the legacy of your family. The rocking chair is designed with a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Please contact Your Family Rocking Chair to design your rocking chair.

Feel free to speak to us on 775-848-8760 or write to us on jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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An Ultimate Guide for Buying a Rocking Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

Home is where the heart is. Indoor furniture of the home with a unique detailing speaks a lot about home and the personality of the owner. Since the rocking chair came into existence, it has become an integral part of home decor.

With passing years the designs of the rocking chairs have evolved up to a great extent. With the change, the customized rocking chairs have enhanced the look and feel of your home.

Are you looking forward to buying a rocking Chair this Christmas Eve?


Guide for Buying a Rocking Chair

Getting a rocking chair for your home is all about the comfort where you can sit for a long time.

Here are some points you need to consider before buying a rocking chair for your home.

(1.) Make and Design of Rocking Chair: – The furniture designers choose superior woods for making a customized rocking chair. The selection of the right wood gives vigor to the rocking chair. The creative designers pay close attention to every detail and design one chair at a time to maintain the consistency in design. The colors used for finishing are of utmost importance that, need to be taken into consideration before making a final selection.

(2.) Longevity: – As the rocking chair is made of wood, the quality of the wood is the most vital factor. Make sure that the rocking chair is made with one type of wood. The customized rocking chair is uniquely robust. With the longevity of the rocking chair, it will maintain the family traditions for generations and maintain the legacy of your family.

(3.) The Motion of Rocking Chair: – A customized rocking chair is designed to deliver a smooth motion that most people enjoy. A well-designed chair will deliver uniform motion. When you sit on the chair, the uniform motion will give you a sense of relaxation.

(4.)  Price: – The price of the chair is yet another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Looking for rocking chairs with a low price tag may not have the build quality you are expecting. It is a wise decision to invest smartly and get the best rocking chair for your family that has the vigor to carry the tradition and legacy of your family generations after generations.

The Bottom Lines

Looking for a rocking chair with the best quality is a top priority for the buyers. The guidelines mentioned above will help you to choose the right rocking chair.

Please contact Your Family Rocking Chair to design your customized rocking chair. Feel free to speak to us on 775-848-8760 or write to us on jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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rocking chair


Relax your Mood with Custom Made Rocking Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

A rocking chair is an incredible addition to improving the look and feel of your home. The rocking chairs are designed with elegance to blend perfectly with the living space. What makes the rocking chair so popular is the excellent wooden touch with incredible finishing. The best part is the level of comfort and sense of relaxation it gives to the atmosphere of your home. No matter either you place it in the living room or pair it with your sofa sets. As you sit and relax on the rocking chair, it gives relaxation to your mood.

As they are crafted precisely, the quality of the wood never gets unnoticed. With the increasing popularity of rocking chairs, the creative designers have taken it to a whole new level. Let’s go through the blog and know how custom made rocking chairs are different from conventional chairs.


Relax your Mood and Enjoy a Good Health with Custom Made Rocking Chair

There is an old proverb,Healthy Mind has a Healthy Body”. The rocking chairs are the best options to relax your body without much effort. The rocking chairs are not only designed for a stylish look, but it has plenty of health benefits.

Some Health Benefits of Rocking Chairs are mentioned below:-

(1.) Rocking on the chair and listening to your favorite music helps you to relax and make your mind peaceful. It releases endorphins in the brain, which helps to improve your mood and reduce the stress level and pain.

(2.) Rocking on the chair for 10 minutes every day can help you to reduce your blood pressure as well as increase blood circulation in the body.

(3.) A rocking chair is best for the people suffering from back pain and arthritis. Rocking on the chair increases the flow of blood in the body and helps you build your strength as well as increase the flexibility of your knees.

(4.) Rocking chairs have a soothing effect on babies. The rocking allows babies to take a sound sleep as well as make a strong bond with their parents.

(5.) The rocking chair helps you to lose weight. It will help you burn 150 calories of fat in an hour. Rocking on an everyday basis will help you to lose weight and give you a healthy lifestyle.                    

The Bottom Line:-

These are some health benefits of using rocking chairs who are suffering from any health issues. Apart from improving health, it is the best idea to gift a rocking chair to your loved ones on special eve like Christmas, Retirement day, Wedding anniversary, or any special event. The rocking chairs are a perfect combination of functionality and designs for your home.

Please contact Your Family Rocking Chair, to design customized rocking chairs. Feel free to speak to us on 775-848-8760 or write to us on jim@yourfamilyrockingchair.com.

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rocking chair with a spirit


Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chair – Furniture with a Spirit!

Posted By Jim Annis

Amidst the growing demand for predesigned furniture, there are many people still configuring decor with aesthetically pleasing rocking chairs. Passage of time made these wooden pieces a more treasured item for owners. People are choosing rocking chairs as heirloom pieces and most preferably for enhancing their indoor with handcrafted furniture that has spirit and originality. Rocking Chairs are no more a piece of luxury, but an element that can transform into an exotic space.

Rocking Chairs with a Spirit

Many of the rocking chair lovers look for something unique for their home décor. A rocking chair with a spirit is much like a member of the family, who remains there with you forever!

To design the legendary chair, you need someone experienced enough to craft your memories in wooden furniture. Jim Annis, the owner and designer of Your Family Rocking Chair, is one of these legendary craftsmen.

rocking chair with a spirit

Jim Annis– One of the Best Designers for Rocking Chairs

Jim Annis is a Rocking Chair Master; Rocking Chair University has certified him for completing a distinction course in rocking chair making. He is into designing and customization, as well as personalization of rocking chairs for years. His wooden furniture is engineered to bring comfort and elegance to one’s home.

There are hundreds or thousands of predesigned wooden rocking chairs in the store. But, those do not have a soul in it. The technique may be for bringing the utmost perfection. Still, they are lifeless. The chair does not have a soul. Jim Annis finds a rocking chair with a spirit, a soul that connects a person to memories and let them travel down memory lane.

A made-to-order rocking chair is different from the predesigned rocking chair, but many of the buyers find it confusing to choose one. So, here’s a guide.  Read it here.

What So Special About Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chairs?

There’s something different in rocking chairs designed by Jim Annis. In his way of working, only one chair created at a time. “Matched sets” of wood is selected to craft the wooden chair to have a consistent color and texture. The next chair stays in the order queue until the current chair gets completed.

Why we say “rocking chairs with a spirit,” because Jim Annis has an enormous amount of respect and reverence to the past, in his corporate life as a CEO, he always focused on creating a legacy. Now, he is creating the most beautiful and sturdiest wooden chair that can build a legacy for a family based on common values. Each of his wooden furniture represents a family story and allows connecting with the past. It guarantees continuity of that family lore into the future. These rocking chairs are nurtured with love and respect. You can engrave a person’s name, an event, and a date to advance the heirloom quality of the chair for generations to come.

In a Nutshell,

Jim Annis designs rocking chairs that are special, unique, and boast of individuality in any indoors. If you are looking for something that shows the ideal balance of beauty and utility, then you can find it in the essence of a Jim Annis designed wooden rocking chair. Something is charming in his rocking chair designs and wooden furniture pieces.

For ordering or more, you can call at 775-848-8760. Send an email to JIM@YOURFAMILYROCKINGCHAIR.COM.

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made to order rocking chair


Made-to-Order or Predesigned–Which One is the Right Rocking Chair for You?

Posted By Jim Annis

For improving the look and feel of a home interior, a rocking chair makes an incredible addition. Rocking chairs are designed with affluence to blend perfectly with any home décor. The warm wooden touch and incredible finish make rocking chairs an essential piece of home indoor furniture. Best of all, it brings a sense of relaxation to the entire atmosphere of the room, whether the chair is placed in the corner or paired with other home furniture.

Rocking Chairs has never gone out of the style. From generations, handcrafted rocking chairs make a wonderful addition to one’s home furniture. Modern designers revolutionized the chairs with luxury and affluence. But, they lose the individuality of the chair. Made-to-order rocking chairs allow you more style, comfort, and flexibility in dimensional specifications.

made to order rocking chair

Let us give you an explicit knowledge about customized rocking chairs-


Rocking chairs makes an incredible addition to the home or office. So, many buyers choose predesigned rocking chairs from the store. After a few days, they find it uncomfortable to sit and relax. This is because the size and dimensional specifications do not fit the comfort level of the person. Every individual’s design may vary. The made-to-order rocking chair is the right choice. You can customize the chair according to your preferred length, width, height, rocker length, and much more for all-around comfort while seating.


Expert artisans handcraft customized rocking chairs. Only certified and authorized rocking chair makers having years of experience can design them. They give attention to every detail and design one chair at a time. All chairs carved out from matched sets of wood that come from the same tree. This allows consistency in color. A predesigned rocking chair, on the other hand, is mass-produced for meeting bulk orders. Consistency in craftsmanship often gets compromised due to maximum production in minimum time-frame. A made-to-order rocking chair overcomes all such ambiguity, the piece of furniture you will have will be a hundred percent unique, stylish, and fit to your requirement.


It is one of the critical factors to vouch upon a customized rocking chair. In a world full of ready-made furniture, a hand-sculpted rocking chair that is fading quickly in the fast-paced world could be a symbol of heirloom for your family. They are not mass-produced. Each of the chairs is made and nurtured with love — one-at-a-time, much like a member of the family. The next chair does not begin until the current chair craftsmanship is complete. Each chair has its own personality.


No doubt, a rocking chair made-to-order is sturdy and long-lasting. Only hardwoods are used to make the chairs.  This allows consistency and quality in the rocking chairs. The handcrafted rocking chair making is uniquely much more robust than those that are ready-made. You can choose them as an heirloom piece to give to your family legacy for generations and after.


One can personalize the rocking chair engraving name, date of birth, symbol, or any unique detail under the seat. It will come with a certificate of authenticity and a book of provenance. A book of provenance contains a pictorial representation of how the chair is made. Your family will know exactly where the chair came from and what family member took the time to leave a meaningful legacy that rocks.

These are a few of the best characteristics of a made-to-order rocking chair, which you cannot find in a ready-made rocking chair.

Choose the type of rocking chair that fits best to your requirements. If you are someone who likes uniqueness in every home furniture design, then no doubt customized wooden chair will rock your indoor. Order online visiting the website www.yourfamilyrockingchair.com

Place order for a customize rocking chair by calling at 775-848-8760. Send an email to JIM@YOURFAMILYROCKINGCHAIR.COM.

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unique rocking chair


A Rocking Chair that can Bring Uniqueness to Your Indoors!

Posted By Jim Annis

It’s been rightly said –“home is where the heart is”. An indoor piece of furniture featuring creative and unique detailing speaks more about the personality of the home as well as the owner. For many home decorators, improving aesthetics is the primary concern. If you are one of the classic theme lovers or interested in bringing a relaxing feel all around, then a unique piece of wooden furniture can work wonders.

You can enhance the look and feel of any indoors, adding a unique rocking chair in the home. Design and customize a rocking chair that is uniquely yours. Introduce the warmth of wood in your living room, bedroom, or patio for upgrading the home’s aesthetics in one go.

unique rocking chair

Custom-made rocking chair – An ideal piece of home décor

A custom-created rocking chair is a must-have accessory for any indoor theme, no matter whether you want a contemporary or traditional one. Rocking chairs blend easily; it makes ideal indoor furniture for a few of the best reasons –

  • Historical significance
  • Individuality in design
  • Elegance it adds
  • Comfort and luxury
  • Tone
  • Wooden texture
  • Finishing
  • Ergonomics and more

These characters make the custom-made rocking chairs one-of-a-kind. You can instantly spot a comforting chair in the corner of a living room or bedroom when you enter. The difference it creates in comparison to other home décor furniture is easily noticeable. You can get it ordered quickly. Masters in rocking chair making, certified for creating and customize unique rocking chairs as per your instructions and size guide.

Custom-made rocking chair – A furniture piece that can leave a meaningful legacy behind

Not just a piece of home décor, custom-created rocking chairs is one of the best assets for heirloom furniture. Customized rocking chairs are made to order. You can choose the size of the coopered headrest, length of rockers, height of the seating from the ground, and much more. Another big thing is, you can engrave your name, any specific day, or symbol under the seat of the chair. It will give a personalized effect to the chair. Custom-made rocking chairs are –

  • Handcrafted and customized to specific details know from here
  • Made from a matched set of wood
  • Made one-at-a-time
  • Designed to fit
  • Personalize with engraving
  • Comes with certificate of authentication
  • Book of Provenance
  • Maintenance and care suggestions

The points mentioned above ensure quality and consistency in the craftsmanship of a rocking chair. One can choose it as a piece of heirloom furniture, as the robust design and specification of the rocking chair are going to live for years.

Bottom Line

When you are thinking of transforming your indoors into an inspirational design theme that can attract and impress others, there is no better option than choosing a unique rocking chair. Work on creating a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with a personalized, custom-made wooden rocking chair.

Please find information about these chairs at Your Family Rocking Chair. Feel free to speak with Rocking Chair Master Jim Annis on the phone at 775-848-8760 or send an email to JIM@YOURFAMILYROCKINGCHAIR.COM.

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Tailor-Made Rocking Chair – An Ideal Holiday Gift for Someone Special

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custom made rocking chair


5 Things to Know About Custom Made Rocking Chair

Posted By Jim Annis

Ever since the rocking chair came into existence, it became an essential piece of furniture at home. From its unique designs to ergonomics, everything crafted so precisely that it never goes unnoticed. Rocking Chairs are taking over indoor furniture for years, and it is expected to grow in the future also.

Chairmakers or modern designers have brought rocking chairs to new heights. Now, custom-made rocking chairs are widely loved by many who want to equip their homes with something functional yet eclectic. Let’s give you an idea about custom-made rocking chairs, how they are different from conventional designs, and why are you going to like it.

custom made rocking chair

Custom-Made Rocking Chairs – 5 Things You May Not Know About Them

  • Made to order –A beautiful rocking chair satisfies the different needs of the owner. One can find rocking chairs in the market for purchase. But, not all size fits everyone. Dimension and measurements are one of the most significant factors while designing a rocking chair. Get custom-made rocking chairs for your home. Customize it in your preferred size, height, seating, and rocker length. Custom-Made Rocking Chair is going to meet all your comfort requirements, without compromising the style and price.
  • Craftsmanship – Rocking chairs are nearly non-existent in many furniture showroom stores today. One can find the latest designs of Recliners or Ottoman chairs or reclining office chairs with footrest for home decoration. However, none of them is as ethereal as the traditional rocking chairs. A handcrafted rocking chair design brings a sense of nostalgia to any interiors. They are custom-made with the highest quality wood from Masters of Rocking Chair Makers. You can find consistency in color and texture, strength, and durability when the wood selected is from a single tree. Custom-made rocking chairs from experts are undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.
  • Engineered for Comfort – Custom-made rocking chairs are best for relaxing. Rocking in a rocking chair is pure bliss; you can relax your mind, body, and soul after a long hectic day at work. A customized chair is creatively inspired and technically engineered with a sense of appreciation for natural strength, the beauty of wood, and the essence of comfort. It is designed as per your specifications, starting from the coopered headrest, floating back braces, long rockers, wood type, seat, and concaved armrest. A professional rocking chair maker designs one rocking chair at a time. Each order treated as an individual with your specifications.
  • Engrave Your Name – A customizes rocking chair could be an excellent gift for your home or someone you love the most. One can present a rocking chair on birthday, retirement day, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion. Best of all, you can engrave the name, year, or any particular date or memory underneath the seat. It will add more personalization to the chair. You can keep it as a piece of heirloom for future generations as well.
  • Certification – Custom-made rocking chairs are nurtured with love. They come with a Book of Provenance. It contains a pictorial representation of how the chair made. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity and an embossed page signed by the Master Rocking Chair Maker. Each of these handcrafted chairs are not mass-produced; they are made one at a time, much like a person.

Rocking Chairs are one of the most beautiful things to add in your family heirloom. If you are looking to carry a meaningful legacy to the future, then order a custom made rocking chair. Your family rocking chair is best you can have for your home or someone you love.

Place an order for a custom rocking chair by calling at 775-848-8760.


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