How the Rocking Chairs are Made

If you are not a woodworking geek, I will not put you to sleep with the details. If you are, give me a call! We can talk for hours.

CUSTOM-MADE: Measurements are requested to make a chair that fits perfectly. We also will discuss the angle of the rocker…are you a “rocker” or a “talker”.

PERSONALIZED: We can engrave anything you want on the underside of the chair, including family crests, coats-of-arms, university seals, etc.

CRAFTSMANSHIP:  All rocking chairs are made from “matched sets” of wood, which is wood that comes from the same tree. This allows for consistency in color. The chairs are made one-at-a-time by Rocking Chair Master Jim Annis. The next chair in the order queue is not started until the current chair is completed. Each chairs has its own “personality”.

HEIRLOOM: This rocking chairs will become a legacy in your family. Not only do we engrave a family message on the underside of the seat of the chair, we also provide a Book of Provenance with each rocking chair. The Book of Provenance is a pictorial of how the chair was made. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity and an embossed page signed by Rocking Chair Master Jim Annis. In 200 years when this chair is on Antique Roadshow, your family will know exactly wherethe chair came from and what family member took the time to “leave a meaningful legacy that ROCKS!

The “making” process is the same AND it is totally different with each chair. The nuances are the greatest interest that I have in each piece. From the minute I see the grain in the wood, the lure is immediate. The more you discover, the deeper you are in the process. Half of the fun of woodworking is planning. How many board feet? Wood grain? Getting just the right design. The tools and details like which jigs to use. We’ll create these rocking chairs together. Your body, its measurements, and how your mechanics work translate into the perfect imperfect chair.

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