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Custom Rocking Chair

Your Family Rocking Chair Custom Rocking Chair

Custom Rocking Chair

Posted By Laura Furumoto

Rocking Chairs are one of the finest furniture from an aesthetic point of view. But, have you ever imagined how well it can carry your family legacy to the future?

custom rocking chair

A handcrafted rocking chair designed rarely and uniquely is going to be the next heirloom furniture for your home. We have handcrafted the best designs of rocking chairs with enormous faith and dedication to make it a part of the family. Our custom rocking chairs are made to order, in all way, extra-fine and can be custom-made on specific customer requests. You can send us the measurements; we will design the rocker that fits you the best. Our chairs are engineered to be the most comfortable wood chair you will ever sit in.

We allow you to engrave your family member’s name, year of birth, or any other specific behind the backrest or underneath the seat. Each chair comes with a Book of Provenance. The Book of Provenance contains an embossed Certificate of Authenticity by the owner and maker of the chair – Jim Annis. The book provides a pictorial guide about how the chair made and how to take care of the chair.

Overall, the design of the custom rocking chair is both functional and elegant; from the coopered headrest to the long riding rails, every finishing or detail handcrafted with the highest of proficiency to give you the highest level of satisfaction from your rocking chair.

Why Choose a Custom Rocking Chair?

In a world full of ready-made furniture, a hand-sculpted custom rocking chair that fading quickly in the fast paced-world could be a symbol of your heritage. Your Family Rocking Chair can make it easy to store the memories of your loved ones for generations and after. We believe each house has an heirloom that should be cherished forever. Antique furniture designed and customized with specific details can connect with the past. It guarantees continuity of the lore into the future.

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