Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take for our family rocking chair to arrive after it’s ordered?

Each of our rocking chairs are made to order and are as individual as you are. Think of your chair like a baby. It will on average arrive 3-4 months from your order date. We balance our commitment to quality with your anticipation of your new family member. There is no pre-assemby process, no reproduction.  We make one chair at a time, and expecting mothers will be given preference.

  1. Where are the rocking chairs made?

All of our furniture is made by Master Rocking Chair maker Jim Annis in Reno, NV.

  1. What wood can I order my rocking chair in?

Any hardwood will withstand the test of time for your legacy rocking chair – walnut, cherry, maple, ash, etc.

  1. May I use a custom wood that I like that I can supply to you?

Absolutely, as long as it is a hardwood.  Northing more enjoyable than making a legacy chair out of some legacy hardwood.

  1. Can you develop a custom design?

Now that is a trick question! Each of the rocking chairs we make are custom and technically designed and built according to your body’s proportions. Beyond that, we can discuss.

  1. Is there an opportunity to color match to our other furniture or decor?

We let the wood do the talking here.  No stain.  Just Danish oil once a year to help maintain the wood.

  1. Where is your standard delivery area?

We will ship anywhere in the United States. Shipping fees will vary per chair and shipping destination.

  1. If I order, how much do I have to put down?
    It is our policy to accept a 50% deposit with the remainder invoiced upon shipment of your family rocking chair. If you desire, you may pay the entire amount (not including shipping) upon order.
  2. What should I use to clean our rocking chair?

Dust with a dry cloth and hand apply Danish oil once a year.  Refrain from using a silicone-based polish as it will damage the rocking chair.

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