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Heirloom Rocking Chair

Your Family Rocking Chair Heirloom Rocking Chair

Heirloom Rocking Chair

Posted By Laura Furumoto

Your Family Rocking Chair is a true believer of family heirloom pieces. We respect the feelings that connect us with our past. Take, for instance, the fine timepieces or secret family recipes or rare books that are treasured to pass on for generations. Heirloom pieces guarantee the continuity of lore to the future, some of them even represent a part of the family story or cherished for years, like our unique heirloom rocking chair.

Your Family Rocking Chairs – Design & It’s Uniqueness

We are involved with designing and creation of rocking chairs that can give your legacy a worldly identity. We design heirloom rocking chairs for families who wish their heirloom should be inherited from one generation to another. Our rockers are crafted creatively from a matched set of wood, which is wood from the same tree. This allows us to maintain consistency in color. The comfort of the fit is made to order; you can custom create according to your specification. Every chair is made one-at-a-time by Rocking Chair Master Jim Annis. Each chair has its own personality, more like a member of a family.  You can mix or match it with any interior décor; it will show you an incredible piece of art in your house. In everything we do, we create and leave a meaningful legacy that ROCKS!!

Cherish Your Heirloom Rocking Chairs for Years

Your Family Rocking Chair will become a legacy in your family. We can engrave anything you want on the underside of the heirloom rocking chair, including family name or message. Not only this, but we will also provide you a Book of Provenance; it will help you understand the manufacturing procedure, the specifications, the top features, maintenance information, and several other things about your chair. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the owner and Master Craftsman of Your Family Rocking Chair – Jim Annis.

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