Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chair – Furniture with a Spirit!

Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chair – Furniture with a Spirit!

Amidst the growing demand for predesigned furniture, there are many people still configuring decor with aesthetically pleasing rocking chairs. Passage of time made these wooden pieces a more treasured item for owners. People are choosing rocking chairs as heirloom pieces and most preferably for enhancing their indoor with handcrafted furniture that has spirit and originality. Rocking Chairs are no more a piece of luxury, but an element that can transform into an exotic space.

Rocking Chairs with a Spirit

Many of the rocking chair lovers look for something unique for their home décor. A rocking chair with a spirit is much like a member of the family, who remains there with you forever!

To design the legendary chair, you need someone experienced enough to craft your memories in wooden furniture. Jim Annis, the owner and designer of Your Family Rocking Chair, is one of these legendary craftsmen.

Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chair – Furniture with a Spirit!

Jim Annis– One of the Best Designers for Rocking Chairs

Jim Annis is a Rocking Chair Master; Rocking Chair University has certified him for completing a distinction course in rocking chair making. He is into designing and customization, as well as personalization of rocking chairs for years. His wooden furniture is engineered to bring comfort and elegance to one’s home.

There are hundreds or thousands of predesigned wooden rocking chairs in the store. But, those do not have a soul in it. The technique may be for bringing the utmost perfection. Still, they are lifeless. The chair does not have a soul. Jim Annis finds a rocking chair with a spirit, a soul that connects a person to memories and let them travel down memory lane.

A made-to-order rocking chair is different from the predesigned rocking chair, but many of the buyers find it confusing to choose one. So, here’s a guide.  Read it here.

What So Special About Jim Annis Designed Rocking Chairs?

There’s something different in rocking chairs designed by Jim Annis. In his way of working, only one chair created at a time. “Matched sets” of wood is selected to craft the wooden chair to have a consistent color and texture. The next chair stays in the order queue until the current chair gets completed.

Why we say “rocking chairs with a spirit,” because Jim Annis has an enormous amount of respect and reverence to the past, in his corporate life as a CEO, he always focused on creating a legacy. Now, he is creating the most beautiful and sturdiest wooden chair that can build a legacy for a family based on common values. Each of his wooden furniture represents a family story and allows connecting with the past. It guarantees continuity of that family lore into the future. These rocking chairs are nurtured with love and respect. You can engrave a person’s name, an event, and a date to advance the heirloom quality of the chair for generations to come.

In a Nutshell,

Jim Annis designs rocking chairs that are special, unique, and boast of individuality in any indoors. If you are looking for something that shows the ideal balance of beauty and utility, then you can find it in the essence of a Jim Annis designed wooden rocking chair. Something is charming in his rocking chair designs and wooden furniture pieces.

For ordering or more, you can call at 775-848-8760. Send an email to JIM@YOURFAMILYROCKINGCHAIR.COM.

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