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My Latest Creation

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My Latest Creation

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She is “blonde.” She is tough…but with smooth edges. She lights up a room. She is life. She is part of my legacy.

I would like to introduce you to Hailey. She is the newest member of our rocking chair family.

It is no coincidence that she is named after my first granddaughter, who exhibits many of the same characteristics. Hailey, my granddaughter, was the first girl born into my family since 1919, so she has a special place in my heart.

RCM CertificateHailey, the rocking chair, was created in a special place called Rocking Chair University. When I knew that creating rocking chairs was my passion, I wanted to hone my skills at the famed training center in Virginia. I prepared for months. I was gone from my “day job” (a company that I own) for eight days in Virginia learning to be a rocking chair master. These pictures of Hailey are the results of that work. The wood is curly maple. This chair now sits in our home in Reno, Nevada.

Where will your chair rock away the hours in your place?

Written by admin

4 thoughts on “My Latest Creation

  1. I am very interested in owning one of your chairs. Love the Haley chair!

    I am sure Haley, is the love of your life, first girl in such a long time!

    I on the other hand, have three daughters, four granddaughters and only one grandson! Thank God for my brothers who have sons! LOL

    Tell me more.

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