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Family Rocking Chair Stories

Your Family Rocking Chair Family Rocking Chair Stories

Family Rocking Chair Stories

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Sometimes you can get lost in the, “if rocking chairs could talk” fantasy. So many important milestones in life are reached in a rocking chair. Pregnant mothers rock their babies. Children are nursed and rocked to sleep in them. Kids learn to read rocking in their parents’ or grandparents’ laps. Grade school kids rock in them to have fond memories of the things above. Teenagers rock in them to ease their stress. College kids come home from school on breaks and rock and have fond memories. Twenty-thirty somethings receive the chair as an heirloom and perhaps have children and the process starts over. Retirees rock on their porch and read with a glass of lemonade and keep track of what’s happening in the neighborhood. They have all happened in our family rocking chair. They are highly likely to happen in Your Family Rocking Chair, too.

What are your stories? Use the comment field below to upload the photos and stories you want to share, and we’ll post them on our blog!

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  1. My grandma, Hazel Jemima Nelson, had a rocking chair that was there in the corner, by the book shelf, just out of reach of the Depression era glass candy jar that she had in the window. She rocked over two dozen grandkids – and and tons of great grands – in that chair before she passed away at 94 in 2002. And she would ALWAYS rock in bare feet. I remember her toes gripping the floor, strong farm woman feet, but very petite, barely a size 5. I cannot find a photo but it was old, old chair, but strong enough to hold us even when we were teenagers sitting on her lap.

    We have two rocking chairs in the house now. They have gliding foot rests. One was my daughter Piper’s when she was born in 2000. It was a gift from my then mother in law. It is a denim blue that matched Piper’s eyes when she was born. When I was pregnant with my son Jason in 2008/09, we moved the chair into the nursery where I would rock and read to him every day. When he was born, my husband Gary commanded the chair, and insisted on rocking the baby to sleep every night and reading to him.

    When we became pregnant with our second son, Aaron, Jason was not willing to give up the rocking chair, even though he was only 17 months old. He told us to get another one, well, since Jason rules the world, we did. It matches the blue one in style but is green for the primary color in his room. When I was pregnant with Aaron, we rocked in HIS rocking chair, and then when he was born Gary took double duty rocking Jason first in his blue chair, and Aaron next in the green chair. They still ask to be rocked, but now they only demand it for a certain period of time on the clock. Cracks me up.Sometimes I will find that they have migrated during their afternoon nap from their bed to the rocking chair, and usually with their baby blanket wrapped around them

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