The Family Rocking Chair a Perfect Solution

I wanted to give something to my grandson that could be passed on to our future generations. The Family Rocking Chair was a perfect solution. When you delivered the chair, I immediately thought of my grandson (someday) holding his son rocking in that chair. The quality and craftsmanship is just plain jaw dropping beautiful. Our family has a story to tell and wanted to say you have provided a wonderful piece of history!

John in Sparks, NV

We were so blessed to receive our Your Family Rocking Chair as a house warming gift in 2016.

You might say our rocking chair is the center piece of our living room. While it is certainly the most cherished piece that we own, we don’t baby it. Kids, adults and teenagers all want to give it a try and won’t give it up!  It’s not just its fine craftsmanship that draws attention to it, it’s also how amazingly comfortable it is that surprises everyone. People who are interested in art orwoodworking or even engineeringalways have a million questions which we try to field.

My wife Peggy loves to rock the great grandchildren to sleep in our chair and I love to rock my faithful dog Daisy!

Honestly, I can’t say enough about how this chair has enriched our livesand we look forward to it enriching the lives of the generations that follow us – Mimi and Pappy’s rocking chair.


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